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вторник, 21 февраля 2012 г.

Fan Fic Robsten: RobertPattinson and KristenStewart Getting Ready to Leave for DirtyDancing Party

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February 19th, 2012
R/K are at their house….it’s a little over an hour before they are going to leave for Scout’s Birthday Party
R: I think we should do a remake of Dirty Dancing.
K: Really?
R: Yeah.
K: Dude… there is no way….. I’d end up breaking and spraining every bone in my body.
R: Including mine.

K: Seriously? Your bone in my body? You’re really going to go there?
R: *laughing* What? It’s funny.
K: Sure it is.
R: You know you wanna laugh….
K: Anyways….And that big lift thing…. That has groinal pull written all over it…
R: I could do it.
K: Rob.
R: Yeah?
K: Have you seen the wedding reception scene in Breaking Dawn?
R: Yeah. You look gorgeous.
K: Not what I was…. Dude…. We are just swaying back and forth… I don’t even think we moved our feet during that scene.
R: *laughing* Well…. are there any other movies that involve tiny cut off shorts?
K: What?
R: You know. Like a movie where the female lead is an uncoordinated klutz in short tight jean shorts and the male lead has a lot of scenes walking around behind her…?
K: Loser *rolling eyes* And I’m not a klutz.
R: Okay.
K: I’m not. I’m very…
R: *laughing*
K: Shut up.
R: Baby, I love you, but seriously I can actually see at least two bruises on you right now.
K: Hey! One of those is your fault.
R: My fault?
K: Yeah. If you wouldn’t have said… whatever you said I can’t remember… but you said something… and I had put you in your place.
R: By jumping on top of me?
K: I didn’t jump on top of you…. I wrestled you to the ground… like the bad ass chic that I am.
R: So when you bruised your hand by knocking it into the lamp while climbing on top of me…. It was my fault?
K: Yes.
R: Uh huh.
K: Don’t make me beat your ass again.
R: Babe….
K: Yeah?
R: For the record straddling a guy, wearing just a t-shirt, and squirming around on top of him… not kicking his ass.
K: You’re just making excuses because you got your ass beat by a girl.
R: *laughing* That is not how I remember that wrestling match ending.
K: Shut. Up.
R: *laughing*
K: Are you ready to go?
R: Almost. I just need to change. Can you hand me…um… I don’t know…. my shirt?
K: Sure… where is it?
R: I think it’s in that bag over there in the corner.
K: *Kristen walks over to the bag, bends over to look in it and then says…* Rob… this bag is empty…
R: Mmmm…look again…
K: Uh… okay….*bends over again and looks for a minute* Nope…. Still empty.
R: Oh well… Maybe it’s in that other one over here…
K: *Kris bends over to look in the other bag for another moment* Honey… what is wrong with you? There is nothing in this bag either.
R: Strange…. Maybe it’s in…… this pile of clothes.
K: The pile of clothes right next to you.
R: I can’t quite reach… do you mind, baby?
K: Um… oookay?
R: No….no…. you have to bend over with your back to me when you look in that pile.
K: What?
R: Just turn around before you bend over…
K: *Realizing that Rob is just trying to get her to bend over in her tight shorts she grabs the pile of clothes off the floor and chucks them at Rob’s head*
R: Hey! What is that for?
K: *mimicking Rob* Just bend over like this, baby….
R: *laughing*
K: Well… now you can find your own damn shirt….
R: Wait… where are you going?
K: To wrap Scout’s present.
*Kristen goes out into the living room so they have to raise their voices to speak to each other*
R: *calls out to Kris* If you come back in here you can have me bend over and look for things.
K: *yelling in sarcastic tone* Yeah…. Because that sounds tempting….
R: *laughing and then calling out to Kris* Babe?
K: *yelling back* Yeah?
R: *yelling* Just so you know I never wanted to change my shirt.
K: *sound of Kristen running toward bedroom, she jumps and lands on rob pinning him to the bed… he lets her* See… told you I could beat your ass.
R: *laughing* Kris?
K: Yeah?
R: I have a hot girl on top of me…in these little tight shorts *puts his hands on her ass*….. Not going to lie…. Feels kinda like I’m winning.
K: Well…’re not.
R: Am too.
K: Am not.
R: Am too.
K: Am not.
R: *flips Kris off of him and pins her beneath him* Am too.
K: Whatever.
R: *laughing and kissing her*

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