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четверг, 24 ноября 2011 г.

5 Things We Really Want From Breaking Dawn, Besides Bella’s Gown

The fact that Bella’s Carolina Herrera wedding gown will now be available via Alfred Angelo was great news for Twi-hard brides-to-be whose husbands don’t mind being compared to Edward Cullen. 
But what about those of us who aren’t getting married anytime soon (or who don’t have vampire maids of honor to work those buttons)? Here are five things we could really use from The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1. 
Merchandizing execs, take notes!

1. Our own speedboat, with a dock in Brazil.

2. The cozy-but-tasteful furniture from Isle Esme. 
Oh, who are we kidding. Can we just have Isle Esme?

3. Alice Cullen Events/Emmett Cullen Tree Removal Service: Almost as dazzling as the wedding itself was the great landscaping job these guys did. I especially liked the moss-covered aisle floor. 
How do we re-create that?

4. Bella’s post-wedding dress and shoes. 
Not only is the ’50s-inspired off-white number gorgeous, it somehow stayed looking fresh after their journey from Forks. And those pumps must be comfy if Bella wore them that whole time. We would also like to purchase Edward’s entire collection of breezy honeymoon button-downs for the men in our lives.

5. We don’t have a photo for this one, but that giant work of art made entirely from graduation caps hanging in the Cullens’ stairwell. 
Actually, scratch that. 
Instead, we want Bravo to produce a TV show in which Charlie will critique art.

What would you like to own from Breaking Dawn?

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